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NMRWA staff member, Sarah Peterson, demonstrates the green infrastructure model to a few participants.

NMRWA staff member, Sarah Peterson, demonstrates the green infrastructure model to a few participants.

NMRWA is part of the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) Pittsburgh group. CUSP is a national project, funded by the National Science Foundation, with groups working in Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh and Washington, DC. Each city works to create a model of climate change education that can be used in cities around the country. Focusing on community issues, the group relates climate change back to their audiences. Many Pittsburgh area organizations, with a focus on the environment, come together to form CUSP.

NMRWA has been participating in discussions and activities of CUSP for several years now. This year, CUSP created a fun and exciting plan to engage kids and adults in learning about climate change. CUSP’s leaders assembled an impressive Climate Change Playground where anyone could learn how everything from daily activities to city planning can affect our climate.

The playground fit in perfectly at ALCOSAN’s Open House on Saturday, September 20th, which was an opportunity

The member organizations of the Pittsburgh CUSP group.

The member organizations of the Pittsburgh CUSP group.

for people to learn about ALCOSAN and take a tour of the facility. NMRWA, along with the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy, manned the green infrastructure activity. There, we engaged kids with a small model of a city. Buildings and houses made from legos were placed in a paint tin that also housed a sewage pipe at the edge of town. We asked a participant to take a watering can to simulate a rain storm over the city. Small brown and yellow dots represented sewage in the pipe. As the storm rolled into the city, participants saw what happens in Pittsburgh when it rains. Kids saw the sewage flow into the river of the model city and they were able to draw connections between that event and their city. Some even made the connection between the sewage pipe and what they had just learned on a tour of ALCOSAN. Next, we asked participants to choose different kinds of sponges that each represented a different green infrastructure project from green roofs, rain barrels, urban forests, grassy areas and rain gardens. The participants were allowed to place as many sponges, wherever they thought was best in the city. Once the green infrastructure was in place, another rain storm occurred in the city. This time, kids were able to watch the sponges absorb the water and the sewage stay in the pipe. Then we were all able to celebrate their efforts to save Pittsburgh and our rivers. Many kids recognized the rain barrels as the same ones that are outside of their house while their parents talked to us about the larger issues of our stormwater system in Pittsburgh.

Other activities in the playground included learning how climate change affects different animals like snails and salamanders to learning how the different foods you eat create a different impact on the environment.

Participants learn about how climate change can affect living things like snails.

Participants learn about how climate change can affect living things like snails.

The entire Climate Change Playground tent.

The entire Climate Change Playground tent.


Throughout the day, CUSP leaders were collecting data and information about how participants were learning during the activities. They will take this information and evaluate the activities and improve on them next time if needed.

NMRWA really enjoyed being part of CUSP’s Climate Change Playground at the ALCOSAN Open House. It was great to interact directly with the kids in our community and to watch them make connections to their daily life. We are looking forward to continuing to work with CUSP to improve climate change education.

Did you attend the ALCOSAN Open House? Were you able to participate in the Playground?


Whoops! Sorry for going radio silent the past three months or so… Summer is always a busy time here at NMRWA, but that’s no excuse. Now that Fall is on the way, we’re ready to get back on a regular blogging schedule!

In the coming months, we’ll be posting about NMRWA events and workdays, information about native plants and animals, lists of other upcoming watershed community events, and more, so stay tuned.

Here are a couple snapshots to help recap our summer…

stilling well installation

In May, with Dr. Dan Bain from the University of Pittsburgh & students Tyler Paulina and Sarah Lavin, we installed a stilling well in upper Nine Mile Run.The stilling well holds a pressure transducer that records data related to the water height. That data, along with additional information being collected by a team of Urban EcoSteward volunteers, will be used to calculate streamflow. Understanding streamflow in Nine Mile Run will allow us to better understand various dynamics at play in the stream (e.g., nutrient transport, volume of stormwater introduced during storms).


In July, we hosted a group of summer interns from Phipps Conservatory that came to Nine Mile Run for a tour of the restoration area. Following the tour, they helped us remove invasive mugwort from along the Nine Mile Run trail.


In August, we joined forces with Allegheny CleanWays for a Tireless Friday clean up in Duck Hollow. With the help of roughly 30 volunteers, we filled a dumpster, removed two shopping carts, and 14 tires from lower Nine Mile Run and the surrounding banks of the Monongahela River.


Most recently, this past weekend we had fantastic weather for our 2014 Friends of the Watershed Cookout. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with all our supporters that were there – you can see more pictures from the day on our Facebook page!





GBA-LOGO-2014-LG-WEBToday’s post comes from the Is fluconazole over the counter in usa. GBA is the regional chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and works to inspire the creation of healthy, high-performance places for everyone by providing leadership that connects knowledge, transformative ideas, and collaborative action. GBA has an Generic atomoxetine hcl that enables like-minded sustainability professionals to be a force for progress within their communities by providing a forum for networking and education.

One of GBA’s Emerging Professionals is Christi Saunders – a virtual construction engineer for Mascaro Construction. She wrote today’s post about her experience volunteering in Frick Park as an Purchase gabapentin 300 mg. Thank you to Christi & GBA for this guest blog post!

I live in Regent Square and have spent much time in Frick Park, either running, walking the dog, or playing tennis.  I have always enjoyed my time in Frick Park because it feels like I’ve have been transported out of the city to the Middle of Nowhere, PA. Its calm, quiet, and beautiful.

With views like this, it's easy to forget you're in Pittsburgh! (Photo by John Moyer)

With views like this, it’s easy to forget you’re in Pittsburgh! (Photo by John Moyer)

Through living in Regent Square and my involvement with the Emerging Professionals at Green Building Alliance, I learned about the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.  NMRWA is involved in the cleanup and maintenance of the Nine Mile Run watershed, which includes Frick Park and parts of Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, Swissvale, and Edgewood.  In all of the time I had spent in Frick Park, I had never considered how the park was maintained.  I guess I just assumed that the city and the Parks Conservancy maintained the grounds, which in fact they do – they cut grass address fallen trees, service the restroom facilities, maintain the trails, etc.  Other major maintenance activities in the park like collecting trash, removing invasive species, and planting new species, however, is actually accomplished through a volunteer program called Urban EcoStewards, which is managed by NMRWA and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Since I love Frick Park so much, I was eager to do my part to help maintain its great quality so others can enjoy it as much as I do.  I brought the idea of joining the EcoStewards program to GBA’s Emerging Professionals group and we all agreed to take on the project. We have since been assigned a project site in Frick Park that is near the Edgewood/Swissvale on-ramp to the parkway.  We started maintaining the site last fall mostly by removing English Ivy, an invasive species that tends to grow everywhere.

We returned to the project this spring, but we wanted to do more than just remove English Ivy.  So Tom Cosgro and I attended a Spring Invasive Species training class that was held by NMRWA and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.  We learned new species to identify and whether or not they need to be removed from the site.  I also talked with NMRWA about what native species we could plant at our site. Two weeks before our spring cleanup day, I headed out and purchased a few bushes and several smaller flowering milkweed plants.

Soaking wet, but feeling accomplished! Thank you Christi, and all of our Urban EcoStewards, for your hard work!

Soaking wet, but feeling accomplished! Thank you Christi, and all of our Urban EcoStewards, for your hard work! (Photo courtesy GBA)

On our spring cleanup day this year, we began by removing several different types of invasive species including Garlic Mustard and Goutweed. Everyone noticed right away the lack of English Ivy, which made us feel accomplished since we knew that our last project had actually made an impact.

After an hour or so, the sky started to look darker so we decided to wrap it up by planting the natives that I had brought. As we began to dig holes for the bushes, the sky opened up and it poured down rain. We debated making a break for the cars but there was no time.  We all jumped into the trees and found as much shelter as we could. The pouring rain only lasted about 10-15 minutes but it was enough that we all ended up soaked.

After the rain, we went on to plant a Button Bush, a Spice Bush, and a few Milkweed plants, which attract numerous species of butterflies.  After that, we cleaned up and headed back towards Regent Square.  We all enjoyed an ice cold beer and laughed about being so wet.  Hopefully at the next EcoStewards day we will see our native plants flourishing along the trail in Frick Park.  And if you haven’t explored this wonderful park yet, you have to check it out!


Today’s blog post comes from the Sortis 10 mg kaufen – an education & advocacy program designed to raise awareness of the stormwater runoff and sewage overflow issues in Allegheny County. NMRWA is one of the CRC’s six founding organizations.

Nine Mile Run Watershed Walking Tour

The Clean Rivers Campaign has partnered with Venture Outdoors to create a series of walking tours called the Neighborhood Eco Walking Tour series. Each tour is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about green infrastructure and how it can benefit a community.

CRC kicked off the series with a tour in Kamagra for sale cape town last month.  You can read about that tour in our last blog post, Buy womens viagra uk.

The tour begins at the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association’s office in Wilkinsburg.

The tour begins at the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association’s office in Wilkinsburg.

Last Saturday, we held our second tour in the Nine Mile Run watershed. As a partner organization in the Clean Rivers Campaign, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association (NMRWA) has been working to stop water pollution and solve multiple community needs by investing in green solutions. After some brief introductions at the NMRWA office, the tour took time to learn about Stormworks’ new rain container, the Hydra. You can read more about the slim and innovative design of the Hydra, Can you buy zovirax cream over the counter. Holding 116 gallons of water, the Hydra will catch rain water before it can enter our sewer system and eliminate runoff on owners’ properties.


A sign at the permeable pavement on Trenton Avenue explains how the installation works.

A sign at the permeable pavement on Trenton Avenue explains how the installation works.

The tour then moved a few feet from the office to a section of permeable pavement at the corner of Trenton Ave and Biddle Ave in Wilkinsburg. NMRWA installed this permeable pavement several years ago to reduce the runoff into Trenton Ave and the rest of the watershed. Made from recycled rubber tires, the several feet of pavement doesn’t interrupt pedestrian or residential traffic. The durability of the material was evident in comparison to the surrounding cracked and broken pieces of concrete.


The tour stops at the permeable pavement, installed by Stormworks, on Trenton Avenue.

The tour stops at the permeable pavement, installed by Stormworks, on Trenton Avenue.

Next, the tour stepped across the street to Biddle’s Escape coffee shop. There, Stormworks installed a stormwater planter last summer. Similar to a rain garden, a stormwater planter contains plants that effectively absorb rain water. The plants are housed in a container that rests on the ground. This project was great for Biddle’s Escape as they do not have land where a rain garden could have been installed. The building’s downspout empties into the planter to quench the plants and divert the water from running off into the street. Joe, the owner of Biddle’s Escape, joined the tour to talk about the shop and the different events they offer. Stormworks was able to work with Joe to complete the rain planter and add another stormwater solution to the community.

NMRWA employee Sara explains how the stormwater planter at Biddle’s Escape works.

NMRWA employee Sara explains how the stormwater planter at Biddle’s Escape works.

The tour moved on to visit a few street trees in Wilkinsburg. NMRWA’s Greenlinks program seeks to improve the community greenspaces and urban forest of the Nine Mile Run watershed. Since its inception, GreenLinks has added nearly 900 trees to the watershed, which are actively managing thousands of gallons of stormwater runoff each year. Tour participants were able to stop at a few trees to learn how they manage stormwater as well as the threats that they often face. In the US, many trees have been affected by the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that kills Ash trees. NMRWA has been working hard to mitigate the effects of this problem by looking for alternative tree species that will thrive.


A few of the street trees that tour participants learned about.

A few of the street trees that tour participants learned about.

Participants travelled just a few blocks to learn about two rain gardens in the area. A watershed resident, Janis, joined the tour to talk about the rain garden that was installed at her home. Several years ago, Janis purchased her home and had to remove a large tree from her yard. The roots of the tree and the shape of her yard created runoff problems for Janis. She contacted Stormworks and they were able to install a rain garden that wraps around the side of her home. Solving the runoff problems and adding aesthetic appeal to her yard (at one-third the price of conventional landscaping!) the rain garden has proved itself beneficial. With minimal maintenance, Janis is able to enjoy her garden fully.

Finally, the tour stopped at a rain garden located in front of the Biddle Building, on Braddock Ave, next to the tennis courts. Also installed by Stormworks, the garden has absorbed rain runoff on the park’s campus for a number of years. Here, tour participants also learned about NMRWA’s monitoring work. To ensure the organization’s past work to restore Nine Mile Run’s water quality, they have efforts in place to monitor the quality of the water on a monthly basis. Overall, they have seen the quality continue to improve. Just a few years ago, only a few fish could be found in the waters of Nine Mile Run. Today, thousands of fish, from many different species, can be found thriving in the water. This is a tremendously good sign that the water quality has been restored in the run.

A great shot of Janis’ beautiful rain garden!

A great shot of Janis’ beautiful rain garden!

The tour’s 20 participants were able to learn a lot from many different types of green infrastructure projects that have now been in place for an extended period of time. The balance of residential and commercial properties on the tour allowed participants to image what might be possible in their homes and communities.

As you may know, this tour is part of a series. Running through September, a tour will be offered on the last Saturday of every month, each in a different area of the Pittsburgh region. Next up, we will visit Etna to learn about their green infrastructure projects. You can find out more or register by visiting: Canadian pharmacy online valtrex. Please contact Sarah at

with any questions.
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