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Bright and early on a crisp Sunday morning, Jared Manzo, NMRWA’s GreenLinks Coordinator, guided participants on a tree identification walk through the lower section of Nine Mile Run. With rubber boots required, the first half of the walk traveled in or along the stream itself where no official trail exists.

Event participants crossing the stream. Jared Manzo talking to explaining leaf structure of a Boxelder.

Several species of trees were highlighted along the stream such as American sycamore, black willow, honey locust, silver maple, boxelder, common hackberry, and hardy catalpa. In a small patch of changing sugar maple, Jared explained what triggers dormancy in trees, the chemicals that produce fall color, and why leaves change color at all with the onset of dormancy.

A sugar maple slowly turning color.

Before moving back up to the Nine Mile Run Trail, Maranda Nemeth, NMRWA’s Restoration Stewardship Coordinator, took a moment to discuss a project along the run to allow fish to move further up stream. We returned to our starting point on Commercial Avenue by jumping onto the Nine Mile Run Trail. Some interesting species noted along the trail were staghorn sumac, black birch, sassafras, black gum, and bitternut hickory.

Overall, twenty-one tree species were identified. Tree identification focused on the most recognizable features of a given species to help distinguish it in the future. Leaf arrangement, simple leaves versus compound leaves, and the definition of a twig were discussed as well. Hot apple cider and muffins were great snacks given the chillier than usual October morning.

A medley of leaves fallen in Nine Mile Run.

If you are interested in tree identification, look out for walks in 2016 with NMRWA or Tree Pittsburgh! You can get started yourself by getting a guide such as Can you buy terbinafine over the counter or downloading Virginia Tech Tree ID app for your Dapoxetine tablet dosage or Can i buy zovirax over the counter in canada.


Volunteers and Nine Mile Run staff set out this past Saturday morning to weed and mulch over two dozen trees along the Port Authority’s Busway Linear Park along Edgewood Avenue in Swissvale. Armed with gloves, shovels, and wheelbarrows, the group got right to work improving the tree pits after a brief overview from NMR staff member Jared Manzo.

Volunteers receiving orientation from NMR staff member Jared Manzo.

The weather was chilly and traffic along the road was a bit intimidating but the volunteers were not deterred! Volunteers assiduously removed weeds that compete for soil nutrients, and spread mulch at an even depth making sure to pull a few inches back any mulch from around the trunks of the tree.

Two AmeriCorps volunteers digging for weeds.

Terry is helping to aerate the soil.

Board member Tim Ward going after the tough weeds!

NMR staff Mike Hiller and Nate Resnick-Day work on a tree pit together.

By the end of the event, we had tended 24 of the 28 maple trees. NMRWA staff finished the final four trees the following week. Thank you to Where do you buy your finasteride in Swissvale andSildenafil citrate tablets 100mg uk for the donated refreshments for volunteers.

NMRWA is extending their effort to benefit these trees by undertaking a tree pit expansion project. One of the greatest challenges for street trees is a lack of adequate soil volume. With Port Authority of Allegheny County’s permission, we are removing a strip of concrete to connect existing tree pits in pairs. Thirteen sites have been identified. Six will be completed in the remainder of 2015 with the other seven completed in 2016. The purpose of the project is to create more area for water infiltration and rooting space. Hopefully, this work will equate to larger, healthier, and longer lived trees.

These trees will get expanded tree pits in 2015 & 2016.

If you are interested in helping trees in Swissvale, we will be Buy tetracycline in uk along Columbia Avenue, Delaware Avenue, and the Universal Academy of Pittsburgh. This will be our last tree event of the year so please come out and help us finish strong!

Last NMR Tree event of 2015!


Last Saturday Nine Mile Run staff welcome a group of teen volunteers with What is the cost of generic accutane to remove trash from Nine Mile Run, the stream in lower Frick Park. The group of staff, teachers, and students were taking part in the Youth Group Weekend. This group was unique as the teens traveled far from home, hailing from Oak Arbor, MI, Kempton, PA, Toronto, Canada, and Kitchener, Ontario.  One of the things their church teaches is the importance of service to your neighbors, so participating in community service projects is a critical aspect of their learning.

Point Breeze Church Group Weekend

Starting out on a chilly morning, the students gathered around to receive instructions, vests and tools from Nine Mile staff. The 47 teens were then divided into two groups with staff to start picking up debris at different points in the stream.

Youth Group teens off to pick trash

The students were energetic and excited to be there, talking about what they might find and who could collect the most trash. Once in the stream, small teams broke out and eagerly scanned for and picked up anything they could snag with their trash grabber sticks. Moving and filling bags quickly, the volunteers managed to fill 29 bags of trash in two hours. Among their interesting finds were some articles of clothing, a couple forks, and an expired credit card.

Two teens bag their latest litter find

NMR staff member Jared Manzo scans the stream for trash

This teen is carrying one of the 29 bags filled that day

Two teens work together to get trash out of the stream

After the trash bags were tied off the students, group leaders, and Nine Mile Run staff reconvened to enjoy hot chocolate, granola bars, and take some group photos.

Youth Group Weekend-NMR Streem Sweep participants

The work the youth group performed was vital to the health of Nine Mile Run. Stream sweeps help address the watershed’s core problems of urban waste flooding the stream with every storm event. By removing trash, the volunteers helped remove pollution in the stream, maintain a healthy and clean ecosystem for recreation and wildlife habitat, and reduce amount of trash that could have ultimately washed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Volunteer with Nine Mile Run!

If you are interested in volunteering with Nine Mile Run Watershed Association we have two events coming up on November 7th and 14th to plant and take care of trees in Swissvale. We hope to see you there! Sign up links are below.

Cutting finasteride pills: Saturday, November 7th, 9:00am-12:00pm

Fluconazole capsules dose: Saturday, November 14th, 9:30am-12:00pm

To inquire about arranging private group volunteer events please contact Maranda Nemeth at (412) 371-8779 ext. 123 or 

Nine Mile Run

This picture of Nine Mile Run is one of the most recent additions to our Instagram account. Click/tap the picture to see more of our snapshots in and around the stream!


On Saturday, September 26th, Nine Mile Run staff held a work day with five How much does generic synthroid cost students to cleanup three vacant lots on Oakwood & Batavia Streets in Homewood as part of the Priligy generico in italia. The OBB students and staff (Jerome Jackson and Demi Kolke) helped NMR staff remove 33 tires and 12 bags of trash from the lots. The weeds were cut down with brush cutters and taken to Agrecycle to be processed into compost or mulch.

OBB student cleaning up debris

Maranda Nemeth cleaning up debris

OBB students picking up trash

OBB students picking up trash

OBB student clearing weeds with weed whacker

OBB student clearing weeds with weed whacker

Nate Resnick-Day collecting weeds

Nate Resnick-Day collecting weeds

This intersection will be the location of the first RRRP construction project scheduled to start in October to install green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). The purpose for cleaning up the lots was to prevent litter from washing into the nearby storm drains whens it rains and eventually into Nine Mile Run. Hopefully this will lessen the load of future stream sweeps!

OBB students pose with tires collected from Oakwood-Batavia lot.

OBB students pose with tires collected from Oakwood-Batavia lot.

The Oakwood-Batavia project is scheduled to begin construction in later October. It will be the first GSI facility to be constructed that will extend into the roadway in the City of Pittsburgh. Nine Mile Run with the help of Ethos Collaborative has been working with the City DPW and PWSA to finalize all design features to meet all codes and ordinances.

Nine Mile Run is also hosting a stream tour for residents of Homewood and East Hills on Thursday, October 15th. For more information about the RRRP, please visit: rosedalerain.comRRRP Streamwalk Flyer


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