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In early April, Allderdice students and parents partnered with Nine Mile Run staff Maranda, Jared, and Nathan to plant 16 native trees and shrubs adjacent to the Fern Hollow stream in the restoration area of Nine Mile Run. The entire project was student initiated and organized.

Students Julia Strassburger and Angelo Goldberg reached out to us in March to coordinate a service project as a component for a school project. The students very specifically wanted to contribute to the restoration area with native plants. It was perfect timing as the the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and City of Pittsburgh had just completed the removal of 120 small samplings and 7 mature invasive Siberian Elm trees in the restoration area. The result of this removal left a significant ecological gap to be filled.

Siberian elms are native to eastern Asia and were originally introduced into the US in the 1860s for their hardiness and fast growth in moist areas. The species is still sold today as a windbreak tree. The invasive Elms in the restoration area were treated and cut down, but all debris was left behind to provide wildlife habitat.

Allderdice students and parents worked tirelessly and with care to plant the 16 trees and shrubs and provide caging to protect them from deer browsing.

Allderdice students and parents worked tirelessly and with care to plant the 16 trees and shrubs and provide caging to protect them from deer browsing.

As for the trees and shrubs, our staff chose wetland specific species. The 16 plants included Blackgum, Red Osier Dogwood, and Red Chokeberry. The plants were generously provided by an Anonymous donor and were sourced entirely from the Tree Pittsburgh Heritage Nursery.

In addition to the trees and shrubs installed by the students, the City of Pittsburgh planted 6 Blue Spruces in this area. The ongoing maintenance of the newly planted trees and shrubs will be assigned to the Urban EcoStewards of that area.

Please remain on the trails when near this area as the newly planted plants are very sensitive to disturbance and their future success is extremely critical. Signs have been installed to indicate this as well.

Restoration signs


Over the years, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association has worked on a lot of projects throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. Now, you can see all of them on one interactive map that our GIS Intern Yuyun Liang created with ArcGIS Online! This map presents the green infrastructure projects and installations we have completed since 2004, which include:

– Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project Stormwater Management Tree Pits
– Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects
– Trees
– Rain Barrels installed by our StormWorks team & in the Rain Barrel Initiative (2004-2011)
– Civic and Commercial Stormwater Projects
– Residential Stormwater Projects

Map blog photo

The map also shows the NMR watershed boundary, the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project boundary, and the NMR culvert system. There is a handy search feature, which allows you to enter an address to see if there are projects near a given address. You can find the details about each project simply by clicking the colored circles, or clicking on the menu items to dig deeper.

Please interact with the map, learn more about our projects, and share them with your community!

Want to Help Populate Our Map?

– Attend one of our tree planting or tree care events
– Add a rain barrel to your home to save money on your water bill and reduce stormwater runoff
– Install a rain garden to beautify your yard and collect rainwater

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