Bike Tour & Block Party FAQ

Bike Tour FAQ (scroll down for the Block Party FAQ!)

What is the Nine Mile Run Bike Tour?

The Bike Tour is a 9 mile journey through our watershed communities of Wilkinsburg, Homewood, Swissvale, Edgewood, eastern Squirrel Hill, and Frick Park. We’ll stop along the way to showcase projects and interesting neighborhood places.

When is the Bike Tour?

The Bike Tour departs at noon and returns by 3pm on Saturday September 9th, 2017.

How do I register for the Tour?

General registration will begin on Sunday, August 13th, on our website event page. Only tickets for sponsors will be available until that date. 

I would rather not register online. What should I do?

No problem! Once registration begins, you can call our office starting Monday, August 14th and register with our Project Coordinator, Lindsey Rose Allen Flowers, at 412-371-8779 x119 or send an email to .

How will I know my registration was received?

An email confirmation will be sent to you when you have successfully completed the registration form.

What is the route for the tour?

The tour will start and end at the corner of Biddle and South Trenton Avenues in Regent Square. Check out this Google map to see the route.

How long is the tour?

The tour is about 9 miles in length and will last no more than 3 hours, with several breaks along the way.

How much do tickets cost?

  • Standard ticket: $35
  • NMRWA Member Ticket: $15. Not a member of our organization? You sign up to be a member today for $25 and get the ticket discount! Then you will also be able to take advantage of our free-for-members policy for our many other events in Frick Park for the next year.
  • Group tickets: 6 tickets can purchased as a package for $175, saving almost $6 per ticket, so bring your friends!

Where do the proceeds from this event go?

Proceeds will directly support our programs such as stream monitoring with high schoolers, stewarding the Nine Mile Run stream restoration, maintaining street trees in the community, and regional advocacy for green solutions.

Where can I park my car and/or bike?

Street parking is ample in the surrounding area of Biddle’s Escape, plus, it’s free! No permit needed. Also, there will be a large bike rack to accommodate bike parking right on the block.

What should I bring and wear on the ride?

We suggest a water bottle, helmet, a small pack to hold any personal items (such as spending money), and sunscreen. Personal backpacks, bike baskets and panniers must remain on your person and in your possession at all times (not mounted to your parked bike). Do not leave backpacks or bags unattended at any time.

We will have rest stops with water and snacks, and will have sunscreen readily available as well. Our leaders will also be carrying a first aid kit and bike repair equipment in case it should be needed. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather. A light rain jacket never hurts!

What time should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive at 11:30am to ensure you are checked in at our main table and are present for our safety and tour orientation before we depart at noon. If you arrive late we cannot guarantee you will be able to join the tour. We have to depart on time in order to be back in time to enjoy the Block Party!

I registered for the tour. Can I sell or give away my ticket?

What if the weather looks bad?

Check our Facebook event page for live updates. The ride is a rain or shine ride. If thunderstorms persist, we will wait to depart. If thunderstorms continue to persist, the ride will be cancelled.

Can I get a refund?

No, the registration is non-refundable. All proceeds to go towards the NMRWA’s programming (see earlier question, “Where does the money go?”

What if I don’t have a bike?

All bike participants must bring their own bicycles and helmets to participate in the Bike Tour. If you don’t have a bike & helmet, you could rent them or borrow from a family member or friend.

What happens if I start the ride, but cannot finish it?

That’s okay! Please honor your own physical limits. We will point out the main turn off point back to the Block Party, which is about halfway through. But folks are more than welcome to exit whenever they need to.

I’m not sure I can ride 9 miles 🙁

The Bike Tour of the watershed is a fun, laid-back ride where participants can set their own pace. If you can walk 1 mile, you can bike 5 miles. And if you get tired, there are rest areas with water, light snacks and restrooms located along the route.

Is bike repair offered along the tour route?

We will do bike checks before the ride for folks that arrive prior to noon, and the leaders will carry bike repair equipment along the ride as well. Additionally, there is a bike repair station in Lower Frick Park that we will be passing.

Will there be refreshments and/or snacks along the tour route? And where?

Yes, we will have 1 major rest stop to refuel with water and food. Toilets will be accessible about twice. There are also about 5 stops along the ride where we will highlight interesting or significant projects.

Do I need a helmet for the ride?

Yes. And for tips on how to fit your helmet for the ride, check out BikePGH’s Helmet Check page.

What if I get lost?

The ride will have one marshal per 10 people and we will wait out red lights at stop signs (a no-drop ride). There is little possibility for a participant to get lost on the ride! But please be sure to review the route before the ride so you are familiar.

Will emergency medical assistance be available at the event?

The staff leading the Bike Tour is certified and trained in First Aid and CPR.

Can I go straight home after the ride, or do I have to go to the post-ride Block Party?

You certainly don’t have to go to the Block Party after the ride, but if you miss it, you’ll be missing the free ice cream that comes with your tickets plus live music, food, and exhibits. Take advantage of this time to hang out with friends, family and the biking community in the East End!

Block Party FAQ

What is the Nine Mile Run Block Party?

The Block Party is an outdoor, free, and family-friendly celebration next to Biddle’s Escape (located at the corner of Biddle and S Trenton Avenues) with live music, food, activities, and more!

When is the Block Party?

The Block Party starts at 2pm and ends by 5pm.

Do I need cash? Is there an ATM?

We recommend bringing cash for our food trucks, vendors, and raffle. Most of our vendors will take cards but in the event that a card machine goes down, cash would be helpful. There is not an ATM close by.

Is there a cost for admission?

The Block Party is completely free and open to the public!

Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted but must on a leash at all times and must friendly in larger crowds.

What if the weather looks bad?

There will be tents set up to accommodate inclement weather as this is a rain or shine party.

Where can I park my car and/or bike?

Street parking is ample in the surrounding area of Biddle’s Escape, plus, it’s free! No permit needed. Also, there will be a large bike rack to accommodate bike parking right on the block.

Will there be restrooms?

Yes, restrooms will be located inside Biddle’s Escape, the adjacent coffee shop.

Will there be seating?

Yes, limited seating and tables will be available on the block plus at Biddle’s Escape. Attendees are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets!

Will there be drinking water available?

Yes, plus other refreshments for purchase at Biddle’s Escape and food trucks.

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