Get Involved!

There are many different ways you can support the health of the Nine Mile Run Watershed. We encourage you to explore the tabs below to find the action items that best fit your interests.  

How YOU can help Nine Mile Run

  • Become an NMR member or give the gift of membership
  • Manage stormwater sustainably at your home or business with a rain barrel,  rain garden, or stormwater planter from our StormWorks team
  • Plant a tree, pick up litter, or celebrate our work at an NMR event!
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  • Donate to the Nine Mile Run Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation *
  • Include us in your estate planning *
  • Host a fundraiser to benefit NMR *
  • Ask your employer to consider sponsoring NMR *

* To get involved with any of these programs, please contact our Executive Director, Brenda Smith, at or (412) 371-8779 ext. 113.

      • Participate in the Clean Rivers Campaign
      • Join a committee or local civic group and ensure a voice for the environment is present!
      • If you see any of the following, please report to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: fish kill or algal bloom, public sewer leaks, oil or hazardous material spill, sedimentation runoff, or critical area or wetlands violations. If you see any of these things in the Nine Mile Run restoration area, please also contact our staff, AFTER you report to PADEP.
      • Submit letters to the editors of local news outlets about environmental issues in your area
      • Provide comments to your elected officials to the local, state, and federal government on environmental issues

  • Go for a walk or bike ride along Nine Mile Run! Bring a pet, a friend, or just your own two feet!
  • of the watershed
  • Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter
  • Follow NMR & StormWorks on Facebook. Share or comment on our posts, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about our work!

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