Workplace Giving

Maximize your impact with workplace giving! We encourage you to check out the list below to see how you can further support our efforts through these programs.


PA State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA)


PA SECA enables state employees to participate in workplace giving by screening and approving eligible charities and facilitating the donation process.  Nine Mile Run Watershed Association is participating in PA SECA this year. The campaign runs from September 6 – October 28, 2016. Please consider donating to us by entering the code, 9200-0040 on your pledge form. For the resource guide and pledge form, click here. We are listed on p.9 of the resource guide.




A great way to support Nine Mile Run Watershed Association (NMRWA) is through your employer – with a program called EarthShare. EarthShare is a nationwide network of more than 400 local, state, national and international environmental and conservation organizations. It gives America’s employers and employees an easy and effective way to care for the environment through workplace giving campaigns. Through EarthShare, you may designate a small portion of each paycheck to support NMRWA’s work, or you may elect to give once through a single payroll deduction. To find out if your employer supports EarthShare, please visit the EarthShare website, call EarthShare at (800) 875-3863, or contact your personnel office.


Employer Matching Gifts

Many employers also participate in matching gift programs to recognize your charitable contribution. Contact your employer to see if environmental nonprofits are included in their giving portfolio. If so, you can make your gift to the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association go even further! Please forward your company’s matching gift form, along with your gift, to our office via snail mail, email, or fax.


The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association is a legally incorporated 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization. Official registration and financial information may be obtained from the State of Pennsylvania at 1-800-732-0999


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