Do you own a rain barrel? Great! But now what?

Many homeowners are excited to get a rain barrel installed for a number of reasons. But once you have it, how do you ensure you are using it in the best way possible?

The best way to utilize your rain barrel is to drain it regularly. If a rain barrel is full, the second it starts raining, your barrel will start overflowing. While our StormWorks team installs all rain barrels with overflow mechanisms, the point of the barrel is to capture the stormwater from every rain, not just the first rain of the season.

The Stormworks Hydra is a rain barrel with two levels of spigots.

Many residents get a rain barrel so they can water their garden. However, very few gardens need 133 gallons or 116 gallons of water every week, even in the August heat. So how can you ensure a long lasting rain barrel that helps mitigate the negative impacts of stormwater while getting the water you need for your garden?

Some rain barrels have two levels of spigots. The top level is at watering can height, and the bottom one is for hose attachments. But if you install a spigot and hose on both openings, the top spigot can now be your “slow-drain” spigot. Run the hose to the base of a tree or a water-loving plant and let the hose drip continuously. You can still use the bottom hose to water your garden with the remainder of the barrel. If your rain barrel does not have two levels for spigots, consider calling StormWorks for a maintenance visit. We can add spigots on many barrels, and would be happy to help you get the most out of your barrel.

By keeping your barrel mostly empty throughout the season, you are doing more to mitigate stormwater problems in our region while extending the life of your rain barrel.

To see the Hydra and other rain barrel models we offer, please visit our StormWorks product page. If you’d like to see all of our rain barrel varieties in person, head on over to Construction Junction!

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