Have you seen?! Two brand new signs were installed last month in the NMR Restoration Area. After a full 10 years since the competition of the stream restoration, there are now permanent signs to educate all park users of the story. The signs were compiled and designed through a joint effort by NMRWA and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. The installation was completed by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works. These signs were made possible through the Rita McGinley grant and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Fern Hollow Sign

One sign is in lower Frick Park, next to the soccer field, and the other is by the pedestrian bridge along the way to Duck Hollow. See the map below for details.


The signs depict the geography of the watershed and highlight the restoration but also reveal the continued issues of degraded water quality we have documented through monitoring program. There is also a feature on our work in the upper watershed and region to combat the combined sewer overflows.

Bridge Sign

Be sure to check the signs out the next time you’re out on the trails!

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