Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project

What is the RRRP?

The Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project (RRRP) is a holistic sustainable stormwater project with the goal to remove 25 million gallons of overflow entering the stream. We will achieve this through the first of several phases by constructing 3 large green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) facilities, 40 stormwater management tree pits, 200 StormWorks Hydra rain barrels, and 10 StormWorks rain gardens.

Why are we undertaking the RRRP?

When we developed our 2013-15 Strategic Plan there was one main goal: to reduce the flow of stormwater and sewage into Nine Mile Run. In 2014, we worked with Matt Graham of Landbase Systems to study the watershed and identify priority locations for GSI projects. The RRRP, which is in the City of Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, was selected as an area that would quickly have a positive impact on Nine Mile Run.


This 1.15 square mile area is located in the Nine Mile Run sewershed and contributes over 25 million gallons of sewer overflow annually to the stream. The sewer overflows occur at a confluence of pipes located on Rosedale Street, north of the Port Authority’s East Busway Wilkinsburg Station. During dry weather, sewage flows towards the Allegheny River and eventually to ALCOSAN. In wet weather, however, a mixture of stormwater and sewage overflows into a PWSA owned and operated underground outfall structure (1071-OF) that discharges into a large underground culvert carrying a tributary of Nine Mile Run; it then travels 1.5 miles to the emergence of the stream in Frick Park.

How can I find out more about RRRP?

Get an in-depth look of the Rosedale Project at rosedalerain.com.

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