The goal of the NMRWA Monitoring Program is to accurately assess the health of Nine Mile Run. To accomplish this goal, water quality, human health hazards, wildlife, and physical integrity parameters are monitored. This includes, pH, dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, fish, macroinvertebrates, and streamflow.

The objectives of the program are, first, to better understand the sewage and stormwater contamination of the stream (e.g., sources, pollutants, loads) so that we can measure whether or not the flow of sewage and stormwater into Nine Mile Run is being reduced over time; and second, to collect and analyze data in a consistent manner that ensures timely communication of results to stakeholders. View a map of where we sample in stream and take a look at the water quality data we have collected over the years.

NMRWA Monitoring Committee

NMRWA formed the Monitoring Committee in 2005 to advise, inform, and assist the Monitoring Program. The committee is comprised of NMRWA staff, but also volunteers from local universities, scientists, and researchers, many of which have been monitoring the stream for decades. Please visit our Reports & Studies page to review some of the compiled work done by the committee members.

The NMRWA Monitoring Committee continues to monitor the Nine Mile Run Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration post-construction, and communicate the results to the public. Most recently we have begun to monitor the effectiveness of green stormwater infrastructure built through the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project to understand what type of impact that is having on the stream.

Monitoring Committee Members

Joe Fedor, Chair
Environmental Scientist, ALCOSAN

Daniel J. Bain, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Planetary Science

Erin Copeland
Restoration Ecologist, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Emily Elliot, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Planetary Science

Kassia Groszewski
Graduate Researcher, Freshwater Resources, University of Pittsburgh

Sarah Lavin
Geologic Specialist, Rhea Engineers & Consultants

Thomas J. Maier, CWB (TWS), CFP (AFS)
Planning & Environmental U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Eric Kellar
Formerly a Biologist with the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

Michael Koryak
Limnologist, Koryak Environmental and Health Consultants, LLC (Formerly a Biologist w/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Mary S. Kostalos, PhD
Professor of Biology Emeritus, Chatham College

Dr. Molly Mehling
Assistant Professor of Ecology & Sustainability, Chatham University

Dr. Brady Porter
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Duquesne University

Michael A. Takacs
Project Manager
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Christopher Tracey
Ecologist, County Natural Heritage Inventory, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Adjunct Professor, Landscape Programs, Chatham College

Ryan Utz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Water Resources, Chatham University

Jeanne M. VanBriesen, Ph.D. P.E.
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Center for Water Quality in Urban Environmental Systems (Water-QUEST)
Carnegie Mellon University

Pete Woods
Ecologist, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

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