Reports & Studies

20160713_074739Published Studies

  1. Quantification of Nitrate Sources to an Urban Stream Using Dual Nitrate Isotopes, August 2014
  2. Characterizing a Major Stream Restoration Project Nine Mile Run, August 2014
  3. Impacts of Slag Leachate on the Water Quality of a Small Pennsylvania Stream, September 2002
  4. The Impacts of Above Grade Sewerline Crossings on the Distribution and Abundance of Fishes in Recovering Small Urban Streams of the Upper Ohio River Valley, December 2001
  5. Highway Deicing Salt Runoff Events and Major Ion Concentrations along a Small Urban Stream, March 2001

Watershed and Stream Reports

  1. Watershed Hydrology Report
  2. State of the Watershed Reports
  3. Stable Isotope Analysis of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates, Stream Water, and Algae in Nine Mile Run, March 2015
  4. Evaluation of the Nine Mile Run Restoration Project: Literature Review and Data Analysis, May 2013
  5. Potential Sources of Contamination Map, December 2008
  6. Nine Mile Run Storm Culvert Evaluation Report, August 1999

NMRWA Stream Monitoring Report Cards

State of Nine Mile Run 2015

State of Nine Mile Run 2016

State of Nine Mile Run 2017

NMRWA Sampling Protocols

Stream Monitoring protocols

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Studies

  1. Is It Worth the Green? Nine Mile Run Watershed Association Triple Bottom Line GSI Paper, May 2017
  2. Is It Worth the Green? Nine Mile Run Watershed Association Triple Bottom Line GSI Presentation, May 2017
  3. Landbase Systems GSI Nine Mile Run Rosedale Upstream Analysis, May 2014

Other Resources

  1. Typical Channel Fish Assemblage of the Recovering Lower Allegheny River Navigation System, September 2009
  2. A Benthic Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity for Wadeable Freestone Riffle-Run Streams in Pennsylvania, PADEP, March 2012
  3. PA DEP bacteriological sampling protocol
  4. Invasive Plants of Pittsburgh (IPOP)
  5. Pennsylvania Code Water Quality Standards
  6. Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It, March 2012
  7. Nine Mile Run Watershed Story Map
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