Edgewood Tree Request Form

Please read this form and fill out the appropriate fields below if you are interested in getting a tree!

This is a request for the Borough of Edgewood or it’s partner(s) to supply and install tree(s) on the public right-of-way adjacent to my property. I understand the planting of trees may necessitate cutting an opening in the sidewalk approximately 30 square feet (at a minimum of 3′ wide, often a 3′ by 10′ pit) to accommodate the tree planting. A site can be rejected if the sidewalk is not wide enough to support a 3′ wide tree pit and have at least 36″ of usable sidewalk remaining, the standard for both the Borough and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I hereby acknowledge that I am the owner of the above said property. I hereby request the Borough or it’s partner(s) to supply and install a tree(s) to be located on the municipal right-of-way adjacent to my property. I understand that there is no charge for this service. I agree to perform general upkeep of the tree planting bed by weeding, annually mulching, and providing water for establishment and during drought periods (see Agreement to Plant a Street Tree in Edgewood).*

Furthermore, I understand that street trees and trees in the public right-of-way are the property and responsibility of the Borough of Edgewood. Trees planted outside of the public right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner. Only the Borough of Edgewood can authorize major pruning or removal of street trees.

*If funding is available, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association will provide water during the establishment period of your tree. Further, NMRWA encourages property owners to connect with us to hold a tree care event in your neighborhood, especially to mulch a large number of trees.

If you are interested in a tree, please fill out the form below.

Additionally, if you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the Tree Request Form, a printable version of the Tree Request Form and Agreement to Plant a Street Tree in Edgewood is available here.

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