Wilkinsburg Tree Request Form

Please read this form and fill out the appropriate fields below if you are interested in getting a tree!

I understand that the planting of the tree(s) may require the Borough of Wilkinsburg to cut an approximately 30 square foot opening to accommodate the planting, and that the site will be rejected if the sidewalk is not wide enough to accommodate both the opening for the tree pit and the thirty-six inches of accessible sidewalk required by both Borough Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I further understand that there is no fee associated with the planting of the tree(s), but that the care and maintenance of the tree(s), including any associated costs, are my responsibility. Care and maintenance requirements include, but are not limited to, watering, weeding, feeding, mulching, pruning and trimming, injections for the control and treatment of any diseases or pests, and removal (see Agreement to Plant a Street Tree in Wilkinsburg).*

I also understand that this is a request only, and does not guarantee that a tree will be placed adjacent to the above address. I further acknowledge, and agree to, a site visit by a representative from TreeVitalize or the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association to determine the suitability of the site for a tree, and that the species of tree(s) selected to be planted at my site will be the decision of the Borough of Wilkinsburg and it’s consultants.

*If funding is available, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association will provide water during the establishment period of your tree. Further, NMRWA encourages property owners to connect with us to hold a tree care event in your neighborhood, especially to mulch a large number of trees.

If you are interested in a tree, please fill out the form below. Additionally, if you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the Tree Request Form, a printable version of the Tree Request Form is available here.

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