Hello! My name is John, and I am a junior environmental science student at the University of Pittsburgh. This past semester, I have been working on an interactive display of the restoration project which reconfigured Nine Mile Run and parts of Frick Park.

I wanted to get involved with Nine Mile Run Watershed Association (NMRWA) because I was inspired by how dedicated and passionate this group is about improving urban water quality. This organization seems to me like part of a greater recommitment by people around Pittsburgh towards restoring our city’s natural beauty.

Conservation has always been important to me, and being an Eastern PA native I grew up enjoying preserved land areas like Stroud Preserve. When I started going to school in Pittsburgh, Frick Park quickly became one of my favorite local spots for mountain biking. Since then I’ve rode over and next to Nine Mile Run countless times, enjoying this oasis of nature in the urban setting.

Clean water has been an interest of mine ever since I moved to Pittsburgh and learned of the challenges urban streams are facing. Also, this past summer I spent much of my time wading in streams while interning for the PA Department of Environmental Protection. These previous experiences blended perfectly in my work with NMRWA, where I could help display innovative solutions to issues of urban stream health.

Using ArcGIS, and past reports on the restoration project, I created maps displaying impervious cover, culvert systems, stream channel reconfiguration, and wetland creation and modification. Along with my maps, the display includes historical photos of the creation of Pittsburgh’s sewer systems from over 85 years ago!

I am grateful to have learned so much about the restoration project in Nine Mile Run, and to be able to learn from leaders in sustainable development. One important takeaway from my experience is that stewardship is never over, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of keeping Nine Mile Run healthy and beautiful!

My ArcGIS story map will be up on the Nine Mile Run website sometime soon, so be on the lookout!