We want to camp in Citiparks!

Last year, in response to our request to hold the Great Frick Park Camp Out, Corey O’Connor introduced a simple amendment to the current ordinance governing park usage which would allow the Director of Parks and Recreation to review requests by groups wishing to hold such events, and make a determination whether to allow the event or not.

Unfortunately, this amendment has been met with some concerns from council members who fear unknown unintended consequences. (And they may be associating this with recent concerns about unauthorized tent camping in various areas around the city by individuals.) This is why we believe it is important for supporters of the new policy to call their City Council representative’s office and share their thoughts. It is also vital for Citiparks and the Department of Parks and Recreation to know that their constituents support supervised and approved camping in the city parks. In addition, consider contacting the Mayor’s Office. We have provided information below on how you can reach their offices.

What to say

Not sure what to say when you contact them? Here are a few talking points!

– I want pre-approved and organized camping to be legal in Pittsburgh’s Parks

This would not create a camping free-for-all or legalize individual camping in the parks.  All groups would have to apply for a special events permit and provide extensive details on  the event, describe how they would supervise it, and how many people would attend.   These applications would then be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

– Could you hold a hearing, or a post-agenda session to discuss amending the ordinance and clarify any concerns?

– I want Pittsburgh to serve as an example of a forward-thinking, outgoing, and ecologically-minded city.

– Tell them why you support camping in the park and why you think it’s beneficial.  Examples of benefits include creating a new way to interact with nature in the urban environment, a chance to bring together a diverse group of people to share in a common experience, and increased awareness of urban parks and their significance.

Who to contact

The Mayor's Office & Director of Citiparks

Mayor William Peduto

Office of Mayor William Peduto

Office: 412-255-2626


Feedback Form

Director of Citiparks

Jim Griffin

Office: 412-255-2539

Council District Representatives
Not sure which city district you live in? Click here for an interactive map.

Council District 1

Representative:  Darlene Harris

Office: 412-255-2135

Office Fax: 412-255-2129


Feedback Form

Council District 2

Representative:  Theresa Kail-Smith

Office: 412-255-8963

Office Fax: 412-255-2821


Feedback Form

Council District 3

Representative:  Bruce Kraus

Office: 412-255-2130

Office Fax: 412-255-8950


Feedback Form

Council District 4

Representative: Natalia Rudiak

Office: 412-255-2131

Office Fax: 412-255-2052


Feedback Form

Council District 5

Representative:  Corey O’Connor

Office: 412-255-8965

Office Fax: 412-255-0820


Feedback Form

Council District 6

Representative:  R. Daniel Lavelle

Office: 412-255-2134

Office Fax: 412-255-0737


Feedback Form

Council District 7

Representative:  Deb Gross

Office: 412-255-2140

Office Fax: 412-255-2419


Feedback Form

Council District 8

Representative:  Dan Gilman

Office: 412-255-2133

Office Fax: 412-255-0738


Feedback Form

Council District 9

Representative:  Rev. Ricky Burgess

Office: 412-255-2137

Office Fax: 412-255-8658


Feedback Form

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