Duck Hollow, a small neighborhood near the mouth of Nine Mile Run, is getting a new bridge that will allow public safety vehicles to access the neighborhood. See article. Construction has started, and it is very noticeable from Old Browns Hill Road. We at Nine Mile Run Watershed Association love that so many individuals are watching the stream closely and letting us know when you spot something unusual. We appreciate you!

This project has been a long time coming – with public stakeholder meetings, permit reviews, and notifications from the contractors. What is happening is permitted by the Allegheny County Conservation District and the Department of Environmental Protection. Some things you might notice if you’re in the area:

  1. A limestone rock berm has been built to allow equipment to move back and forth across the stream, without ripping up the stream bottom. Two large pipes run through the berm to allow water to move from upstream of the berm to the downstream side. This structure is temporary, and will be removed when the project is completed!
  2. Orange tubes, filled with compost or mulch, are lining the site. These tubes, called filter socks, hold back sediment and absorb pollutants while allowing rain water to filter through. Since sediment is the number one pollutant of our streams, sediment control is a critical and required part of all construction projects.
  3. Large amounts of earth moving has happened, to get the ground to the elevation needed to support the bridge.
  4. Exercise caution if you are traveling down to the Duck Hollow parking lot by car, bike, or on foot. The road narrows near the construction site.As always, if you see anything in Nine Mile Run that you are unsure about, you can always reach out to the staff at NMRWA. We appreciate your ongoing help.

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